Protecting Employees in a
Post-COVID-19 Workplace

Webinar hosted by Semtech & SmartConnect

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are developing new policies and programs that enable business operations to resume while keeping their employees safe. New and evolving regulations in the U.S. and abroad now place the burden on companies to protect workers from contracting viruses (including COVID-19) in the workplace. However, these urgent efforts are further complicated in high-density environments, such as industrial construction, power generation, chemical and petrochemical manufacturing, and refining.

Semtech’s LoRa® devices offer the building blocks for a new breed of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications that provide the necessary data to mitigate risks of workplace infection and further contamination. Advanced methods of COVID-19 detection, retraining, proximity alerts, and employee contact tracing are finding support through packaged "connected worker solutions." Using wearable devices, workers can be alerted to maintain appropriate distance. The same wearables enable Digital Contact Tracing and provide a more complete record in the event a worker has tested COVID-19 positive. All data flowing from hardware to Cloud-based applications feed algorithms to proactively prevent infectious disease spread and empower safer workplaces.

Join Semtech and SmartConnect for an in-depth webinar on how LoRa devices can be used in a Connected Worker Solution to enable COVID-19 health and safety compliance.

Enabling COVID-19 Health & Safety Compliance with LoRa Devices

July 9, 2020

11:00 AM ET (5:00 PM CET)

In this webinar, SmartConnect and Semtech will address key questions, including:

  • How are the logistics, manufacturing and construction industries more challenging than office environments to protect workers in accordance with health and safety guidelines?
  • How does SmartConnect's Connected Worker solution simultaneously support health-related use cases including contact tracing, fall detection and man down alerts?
  • How can IoT solutions help create safer workplaces and enable compliance with the most recent government requirements for health and safety?
  • How are new regulations impacting companies to change work environments for their workers?
  • How can systems integrators help enterprises deploy LoRa-based applications in the workplace?


  • Shannon Posey, Founder and CEO, SmartConnect
  • David Freed, General Manager, SmartConnect


  • Rob Walters, Director of the Systems Integrator Channel, Semtech