What is LoRa? 

LoRa Modulation Technology and LoRaWAN Protocol

With LoRa Technology, devices communicate over longer ranges than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using a protocol that enables creation of flexible, large-scale IoT networks that are used anywhere, from cities to rural agricultural areas.

LoRa modulation allows for long range data links using chirp spread spectrum, which is resistant to interference – making it perfectly suited for harsh and dense environments. As a result, LoRa modulation allows for better signal demodulation than FSK modulation. The LoRaWAN protocol allows you to network devices together to create IoT solutions, and defines how devices talk to each other ensuring scalability, ease of implementation and flexibility.


What is LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN Network Protocol Overview

The ecosystem of LoRa Technology includes everything from silicon to services. Semtech makes the LoRa chips while others in the ecosystem make modules with built-in LoRaWAN capability that enables these devices to be linked together in an IoT network.

How it works: LoRaWAN gateways bring in sensor data from end node devices in a star network configuration. They forward data to a network server, allowing for centralized connected solutions on a scalable long-range low-power network.