Why LoRaWAN® for Water Utilities in North America

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LoRaWAN®, a MAC layer LPWAN protocol specification defined and managed by the LoRa Alliance® as well as recognized as a global standard by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) since 2022, is an excellent choice for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network systems to not only connect smart meters and streetlights, but also provide connectivity for a host of other IoT devices in smart city and asset tracking verticals around the globe. LoRaWAN offers numerous benefits that make it a compelling choice for utilities looking to modernize their AMI networks, including: 

  • Scalability
  • High capacity
  • Ease of deployment
  • And more

 Download the white paper today as features and benefits of a LoRaWAN network with AMI in mind especially for deployments in North America. 


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